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[H-Game] Onapho ~Kyousei Sousa de Mesu ni Kaeteshimau Appli~
« on: March 19, 2017, 09:39:18 am »

What if you could physically control someone with your phone......?

One day Kyosuke came across a bizarre app.
"Scan a target. Type what to do. ONAFO (tm) is the ultimate control app!"
It was a dubious claim, but he downloaded it.

Not expecting much to happen Kyosuke
scanned a schoolgirl on the train.
"Lift skirt," he tapped into the command prompt.
The girl did exactly that.

How powerful was this app? How long did the effect last?
Could he use it to control multiple people at the same time?
Was there anything it wouldn't let him do?

Kyosuke picked his next target with mounting excitement......

From the ONAFO (tm) website:

* Total command with zero resistance!
Tech bubble hyperbole doesn't begin to define this revolutionary app!
Introducing ONAFO, the ULTIMATE tool that lets you easily manipulate anyone.
Groping? Harem? Instant consent? Anything is possible!

* Flawless hypnosis made easier than ever!
Hijack ANY kind of woman or girl with ANY personality type.
Mind success is guaranteed, so you can focus on the physical side.
Improve your r*pe and sex training techniques and etch
pleasure into her body. Buy now and try for yourself!

* How does it work?
Step 1: Scan a target. Step 2: Type what to do. That's it!
She's completely yours to do whatever you want!

Game Information:
Title: Onapho ~Kyousei Sousa de Mesu ni Kaeteshimau Appli~
Original Title: オナフォ~矯正操作で雌に変えてしまうアプリ~
Aliases: オナフォ ~矯正操作で雌に変えてしまうアプリ~, ONAFO - The App For Manipulating Women (Into Whores)
Length: Short (2 - 10 hours)
Developer: Devil-seal
Publishers: Softhouse-Seal (JPN)
Released Date: 2014-06-13
Resolution: 800x600
Voiced: Fully voiced

System Requirements:
CPU:Pentium4 1.3GHz必須、2GHz以上推奨


Download Link (634.14 MB):
Mega + Other

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