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tried the PDF and it works, only Epub had a problem here
same here, I can't open the epub this also apply to epub reader in my phone and i use Litium here
Anime/Manga/Light/Web Novel Sharing / Re: [KN][PDF][Eng] Reincarnator
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Volume 5 link appears to be broken.
It's a dead link, please fix it 😢

Created an EPUB. Original link is dead for me too so I'm not sure whether it was originally a PDF or EPUB. Either way, here's a (should be working) link here

Whoah, I tried using vpn and I downloaded it. Maybe I have a location problem.
Created an EPUB with illustrations up to chapter 189. Contains full volumes 1-4 and most of volume 5.

EPUB Chapters 1-189 (Volumes 1-4 and Most of 5)
Created an EPUB with illustrations that lasts until Chapter 137

EPUB Chapters 1-137
hey i saw you saw the exact same thing Yummy in another thread, are you a bot?

and thank you go-sick, link still useable on solidfile,

and always check for ad blocker interference for those having issues
Continued on with creating an epub for volumes 1-4

EPUB Volumes 1-4 (Chapters 1-69)

are there illustrations with this?

Yes I added in illustrations. Volume 1 includes the illustrations in text, while volume 2-4 has them all in a sub category of illustrations since i was time-constrained and couldn't read the whole thing to put the images in the correct spots.
The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Light Novel
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Hi, I’m sorry to ask this, but my epub-reader tells me that the file is damaged and it can’t open it. Is it just me or is there anyone else?
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