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I'm pretty sure that the English patch came out. Are you gonna post links for that?
Anyone know if there is a Yen Press release of vol. 9 ??? I see they have it posted on Yen's website but it almost looks like it isn't officially released yet??? Or if anyone has any translated versions of 9,10, or 11 that'd be great too..... Thnx !!!

i dont think there is since the volume 8 is just been out recently and it will take a few months(half year?) to release another...
if its already out. probably i already have it...
since it was already license i dont think you can find a translation since DCMA will probably block it...

Edit : The Release date of volume 9 of yenpress is September 19,2017

Thanks for the info Deadline.... 😉 Can't wait for September then !
Added epub version
You rock dude :D Thanks for the hard works as always.
Added epub version
i updated the you guys like it  ;)

Thank you friend. It's nice having everything neat and in one place.

 Also, it appears someone compiled the "Hitagi Crab" portion of the Vertical  Bakemonogatari release. (approx. 95 pages of the physical book) and it's on Nyaa. Just needs a little bit of touching up.
i updated the you guys like it  ;)
Does anyone has the epub version of all of them?
That's only volume 12. I'm still waiting for the cleaned version of the latest chapter before making the pdf.
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