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Looking for Web Novel/Light Novel/Manga with Overpowered Protagonist

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Anyone have recommendations for novel/manga with OP mc? Preferably ongoing, is still being actively updated, exciting, and not too edgy with human male protagonist

I feel like most novels of that trope that are still being updated are not exciting at all - most of it is about the mc trying to live a 'peaceful' life, which can be boring fast. I read that kind of novel to see the mc crush his enemies and do amazing shit, not farming or tending the houses. It's alright if it has no deep story, just excite me
Additionally, i also loved the OP mc stories where the mc did a lot of fighting/helping but stayed relatively low. Something like Sekai no Yami to Tatakau and Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute, but those kind of stories are relatively few in my experience so if anyone knows any more let me know

Joy Chakrabarty:
Hey, how about the famous ones like Solo leveling, death march etc. If you're done with them, then how about Growth cheat, Aria of the World break, Everyone is a Returnee etc. Then you have the ones that are good and ongoing like The trash of the count's family, The beginning after the end. The last one is something i haven't read yet but it's quite famous and ranked 1# on Anyhow, hope I was of some help and if my suggestions were too popular ones then its your fault for posting such an abstract request. ;)

Vlad V:
Hmm there are many
so here is a few...,

* Arifureta(i guess there is some slow life with his harem)
* My death flags show no sign of ending
* The new gate
* Slime
* Overlord
* Kumo ga desu ka
* Dungeon Defense (mostly the mc is op with his brains)
* Reincarnator

{noticed the op date just now but anyway}

You could consider the protagonist of Trash of the Count's Family as "OP" despite not actually having all that powerful abilities. I haven't read the latest several dozen new chapters yet, but as far as I'm aware, Cale has managed to subvert or destroy any
and all opposition or problems using persuasion, deception, bluffing, connections with very strong friends, or money. While he is trying to get a "peaceful lazy life", he readily gets himself involved in a lot of big events in order to actually ensure his peaceful life. No cooking preludes or house buying nonsense(Spoiler (hover to show)apart from maybe chilling in a dragon den).

Another I can think of is My Civil Servant Life. This one is a more recent one about the son of the chief of a tribe of super powerful "battle race" people. Battle races are considered some of the strongest creatures in the world, and the protagonist is denoted to be the next tribe chief of that race. Except, he runs away. The novel already starts out strong with Denburg escaping from the fervent pursuit of the strongest warriors of his tribe. It easily sets the pace for the novel right from the outset. When someone can fend off hundreds of warriors from the strongest tribe in the world, you can pretty comfortably call that person "OP". He tries to lay low in human cities and work comfortably as a civil servant, but the way he goes about it is super half-assed and reckless, but its also entertaining in a way.

Although you did ask for MC's who AREN'T trying to go for peaceful lives, I wanted to subvert expectations. These stories also use the "peaceful life pursuit" trope, but it actually makes it interesting. I highly recommend these ones.

Noel Elitia:


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