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NOV 01 2019 Forum News


Oneall has notified that K1 has exceeded the Freemium plan of 2500 unique users per year.
Which means it's going to cut off new users, or cut off K1 all together, not really sure.
Which means it's back to relying on the crappy Yahoo mail service for verification. Kureha is aware that it's dropping emails, there is just too many emails that need to be sent, and free email providers basically deems it as spam.
Before someone suggest upgrading the service plan, or using a paid email service, let it be known that K1 simply does not have the resources. There is just nothing that can be done.

Here's an idea of the funds K1 is running on.
That's technically not even enough to maintain K1.
Other than the first adfly ad on outbound links, no other ads are implemented by K1. Judging from the statistics, most of the people block them anyways. All other ads are inserted by the users providing the links and are not affiliated with K1 in any way.
On the plus side, the domain is currently paid for till Q1 2026 thanks to previous contributor donations. So barring some catastrophic hardware failure or Kureha's death, K1 should limp along until at least 2026.

Okay, how much does it take to maintain K1? It's pure curiosity.

-Unlimited bandwidth FTTB 100M/40M, current ad revenue pays almost half of this.

-Power bill, haven't managed to have the funds to buy a smart UPS to check power consumption. Pretty negligible as it's a Q1900M, 16GB DDR3 ram, 1HDD, 1SSD (backup), 450W PSU (super overkill and probably very inefficient).

-Occasional hardware replacement/upgrades, mainly HDD/SSDs, K1 has killed around half a dozen HDDs/SSDs and 1 PSU in it's lifetime. Besides the PSU, K1 actually runs fan-less. Just the HDD clicking and clacking. Main SSD on K1 failed a few years ago after only running for around 2 years IIRC, it just decided to drop out of bios one day. Anyone who says SSDs last for virtually forever needs to go f themselves.

-Domain name/whoisguard and associated costs.

All that is actually cheaper in the long run than trying to rent a server.


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