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The read this before you do anything post.
« on: July 24, 2018, 09:53:20 am »
All accounts are activated by email verification.
-Google login is available provided via Oneall and does not require activation.

-All emails are handled by Yahoo, there is a limit to how many it can send per day, a lot of other email providers flag emails as spam and there is nothing we can do about it.
Kureha does not activate accounts manually, but does occasionally read the join reason, swearing does not help your account get activated.

-You don't need an account to lurk, and lurker accounts are likely to be flagged as inactive and deleted at the beginning of every month or when remembered.

-All un-activated accounts are deleted after 24hrs.

-All inactive accounts (15 days without login and with 0 posts) are deleted at the beginning of every month or when the admin remembers to. You only need 1 non-spam post to avoid that. There is even an introduce yourself thread for people who need that 1 post.

-If you lost your password, the lost password email is your only way of recovering the account. All Kureha can do is delete the account.

-Do not PM or email Kureha requests of any sort. Doing so will only result in your account being deleted.
If a link is down, post in that thread, or PM the thread starter, PMing Kureha does not do anything but annoy Kureha and result in your account being deleted.

-Use English when posting, CN/JP/KR are only allowed when the original raw is in CN/JP/KR.

-If there are special rules for a board, it will be in a sticky in that board.

-As a global rule, do a search before you post, multiple threads about the same thing are not tolerated on the sharing boards.

-Advertising other sites on sharing boards are not allowed, those threads belong in the discussion section.

-Due to lsssk11331 being no longer active, it is highly unlikely that those posts will be updated. With no contributors, it is likely that it will stay that way.
If you want to take over a dead thread by lsssk11331 PM a mod, or post in the thread.

-Kureha One changes IP every 72 hours, which means it might be inaccessible for people with slow DNS providers after a hop until it refreshes for them.
-When Kureha One goes down due to hardware issues, an update will be posted when the forum is back online.
-Kureha One does not have ads on the forum itself, 1 adfly redirect is inserted into all outbound links via a script, any ads after that are user inserted and has nothing to do with Kureha One. As Kureha One has no control over user posted content, the best we can do is ban ad loops and fake content when they are reported.

-Kureha One does accept donations for helping with server running costs, but since no one donates, running costs comes out of Kureha's own pocket.

-Kureha does not read emails.
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