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[K1]Triangle blue Vol.2{v1) [864x480 x264+AC-3][496EB34B].mkv [ENG]

Started by Kureha, February 02, 2010, 04:01:27 PM

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This is another one shot release from Kureha One.
Kureha One's second release! (For subbed hentai.)
I take no credit except for the fact that I translated it.
I'm going to go for a really long cool down time now, still hard to believe I took a suicidal run and subbed both eps of Triangle Blue.
I don't know if it was worth it, but have fun for those who do like it. I like Akane's design but hate NTR, sigh...

I know it's supposed to say these clothes and not these close in the shower scene but I'm too lazy to fix it.

Warning! this is NTR! (Google it!) It contains RAGE!

Well anyways... Enjoy! (Or rage!)

Torrent mirrored in attachments for members.

Or pick it up at Nyaatorrents.



my goodness, you are on a roll here, you deserve a good rest after that man, on behalf of ntr fans i extend my hand in gratitude for your services, may you find happiness and fortune in your endeavors.  Will seed at full force.



Some bastard is using my release to promote his porno site on TT.

Edit: Contacted TT, they removed it.


fast release on the sub :D, thank for this, but to bad there's only 2 eps of this Triangle Blue.


You know Kureha, any chance on getting a link for ddl anywhere? I don't usually torrent do to router laziness and security (Man those companies are suing people left right and centre.) so MU or RS would be really welcome.

But it doesn't matter too much, I just want this for my NTR collection.


You'll have to find someone else to provide DDL because DDL sites hate me.


Eh bleh. Maybe I'll just give someone else and make them torrent/upload it for me. Must find someone willing. I want that game too. rawr