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Thanks for setting up this thread.  It helps to not need to hunt through the forums for a series.  However, I download books from my iPad, and can’t use the Mega app, so I can rarely use this thread.
Anime/Manga/Light/Web Novel Sharing / Re: [LN][PDF][Eng] Last Embryo
« Last post by min7713 on Today at 10:41:28 am »
Thank you for the update. Looking forward to reading it.
Anime/Manga/Light/Web Novel Sharing / Re: [Light Novel] Overlord
« Last post by Heathen on Today at 09:56:24 am »
Anyoe have the PDF of the yen press vol 7.

---Light Novel---

                     Volume 02: Download [J-Novel Club]
                     Volume 03: Download [J-Novel Club]

Link of Vol. 2 send you to Vol. 3 while Vol. 3 sends you to Vol. 2

well, at least it works right? Also, TODAY (May 26) is the release of Volume 6!! Im waiting for the good soul to share the epub with us.
18v illustrations are out, waiting the pdf.
Thanks for the pdf Go-Sick  ;D ;D ;D
I think the download is not working, mediafire keep Generating new download key and then error.

Its working again  :)
Anime/Manga/Light/Web Novel Sharing / Re: [CN][ENG][WN] Release That Witch
« Last post by Crawly on Yesterday at 10:36:23 pm »
Another Roland huh?
Owh ..sorry my bad. Yep its working. Seems my net unstable when download it. The file corrupt. Ty Aizen
Anime/Manga/Light/Web Novel Sharing / Re: [Light Novel] Overlord
« Last post by d8thgreap on Yesterday at 05:14:43 pm »
Thanks for the Volume 13 Translate.. All Hail Nigel sama and VN meido.. :3
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