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[CN][VN] charabration!恋爱少女人格崩坏

Started by Pheimine, December 25, 2019, 10:57:23 PM

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TitleCharaBration! ~Otome wa Koi shite Charabureru~
Original titleきゃらぶれーしょん! ~乙女は恋してキャラぶれる~
Aliasesキャラぶれ, Charabre, Charabure
Developerあかべぇそふとすりぃ / Akabei Soft3
Publishers(Japanese) あかべぇそふとすりぃ / Akabei Soft3
(Chinese) 希月学园汉化组 / Xiyue Xueyuan Hanhuazu
Rikka's dream is to become a servant for his sickly cousin Hai. This spring she joined him at Rinka Gakuen, a school for the upper class, but she caused trouble shortly upon arrival and was confined to a special correctional dormitory known as 'the prison'. He refused to believe that the pretty and refined Hai would do such a thing, so he dressed as a maid to infiltrate the dormitory as Yuki with the help of the student council president Yukia.

However, when he met her again inside, he discovered that she was actually a carefree tomboy... exactly the opposite of what he thought she was! Moreover, everyone else there had a completely different side! Hai had an absurd request for him: she wanted him to help set her up with... himself. His dual life with doubled-faced girls has begun!

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri~!]

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