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[CN][H-VN] Little Busters! EX

Started by Pheimine, November 03, 2019, 08:04:24 PM

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TitleLittle Busters!
Original titleリトルバスターズ!
AliasesLB!, リトバス!, ritobasu, LB-EX
LengthVery long (> 50 hours)
DeveloperKey / Key & 株式会社プロトタイプ / Prototype
Publishers(Japanese) Key / Key & 株式会社プロトタイプ / Prototype & 株式会社ビジュアルアーツ / Visual Arts
(English) Fluffy / Fluffy & 株式会社ビジュアルアーツ / Visual Arts
(Chinese) CK-GAL中文化小组 / CK-GAL
(Turkish) Berkay Koç / Berkay Koç
(Russian) Энтузиасты Team / Entuziasty Team
(Spanish) Key Spanish Fanclub / Key Spanish Fanclub
(Portuguese (Brazil)) Zero Force Translations / Zero Force Translations
RelationsFandisc  クドわふたー / Kud Wafter
Side story  リトルバスターズ!SS / Little Busters! SS
西園美魚密室殺人事件? / Nishizono Mio Misshitsu Satsujin Jiken?

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[AniDB / DB-Anime News Network / ANN] Little Busters! Refrain (TV Series, 2013)
Riki was a child when his parents died, leaving him hopeless and depressed. What saved him was a group of four kids calling themselves the Little Busters. They took Riki out and played with him during his time of need. He really enjoyed being together with them, and his grief gradually faded away. Now in his second year of high school they still hang out, fight and live together, and enjoy their school life.

Little Busters! contains several mini-games, including a baseball practice game and a duel battle system.

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