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[CN][H-VN] 月姬 [v0.95]

Started by Pheimine, November 03, 2019, 04:52:23 PM

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Original title月姫
AliasesTsukihime: Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under The Crimson Air, Moon Princess
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
DeveloperType-Moon / Type-Moon
Publishers(Japanese) Inside-cap / Inside-cap & Type-Moon / Type-Moon
(English) Mirror Moon / Mirror Moon
(Vietnamese) Sonako-Hako / Sonako-Hako
(Russian) Jiyuu VN / Jiyuu VN
(German) Yume Creations / Yume Creations
(Portuguese (Brazil)) Matsuri Fansub / Matsuri Fansub
(Turkish) BakaYume Çeviri Ekibi / BakaYume Çeviri Ekibi
RelationsAlternative version  月姫 / Tsukihime
Shares characters  フェイト/エクストラ / Fate/Extra
[unofficial] Heroic Spirit Assassin / Heroic Spirit Assassin
魔法使いの夜 / Mahoutsukai no Yoru
[unofficial] マイペットアルクェイド / My Pet Arcueid
[unofficial] マイペット翡翠 / My Pet Hisui
[unofficial] マイペット弓塚さつき / My Pet Yumitsuka Satsuki
[unofficial] 夏闇 / Natsu Yami
[unofficial] 白濁秋葉 / Shiro Akiha
[unofficial] 白濁アルク / Shiro Arc
[unofficial] 白濁レン / Shiro Ren
[unofficial] 白濁レン Actress Again / Shiro Ren Actress Again
[unofficial] ソリテア / Solitaire
[unofficial] 月ノ裁 / Tsuki no Sabaki
Fandisc  月姫 PLUS-DISC / Tsukihime Plus-Disc
Prequel  [unofficial] The Law of Contradiction / The Law of Contradiction
Same setting  Fate/Stay Night / Fate/Stay Night
Side story  [unofficial] 月奏哀歌 / Gessou Aika
歌月十夜 / Kagetsu Tooya
[unofficial] 紅の月-十六夜版- / Kurenai no Tsuki -Izayoi Ban-
Melty Blood / Melty Blood
Related anime[AniDB / DB-Anime News Network / ANN] Shingetsutan Tsukihime (TV Series, 2003)
The story begins in a recollection of a boy called Shiki in his childhood years. There he gains a power out of this world. What is the meaning of this power, and what can he do with it? This is his story of finding the missing pieces of the puzzle.

[From mirror moon]

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