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[CN][H-VN] 加奈…欢迎回来!!

Started by Pheimine, October 30, 2019, 12:20:50 AM

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TitleKana ~Imouto~
Original title加奈~いもうと~
AliasesKana Little Sister
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Developer株式会社ディーオー / D.O. & レジスタ / Regista & 高屋敷開発 / Takayashiki Kaihatsu
Publishers(Japanese) ぶる~べり~そふと / Blueberry Soft & CD Bros. / CD Bros. & サイバーフロント / CyberFront & 株式会社ディーオー / D.O.
(English) G-Collections / G-Collections & JAST USA / JAST USA
(Chinese) 妹乃萌汉化组 / Imo Moe Chinese Localizatio...
(Russian) Наша версия / Nasha Versija & Pin201 / Pin201
(Vietnamese) Buz Trans Group / Buz Trans Group
(Korean) 산들바람 / Team Breeze
RelationsShares characters  Crescendo ~永遠だと思っていたあの頃~ / Crescendo ~Eien da to Omotte Ita Ano ...
Sequel  [unofficial] Kana: Eternity / Kana: Eternity
[unofficial] My Sister, My Strength / My Sister, My Strength

You have a sister by the name of Kana, who is 2 years younger than you are. You are an important figure to her; you have always watched over her. You have always taken care of her and loved her.
Kana is also an important figure to you.
It's not love or like, but it's something special.
You care about her a lot and you feel that you have to protect her.
You wish for her eternal happiness, but you just don't know how you feel about Kana.
Yet. . .

[From the game manual]

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