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Visual Novel translation status (updated on October 20th 2013)

Started by Mana, November 09, 2010, 10:57:11 PM

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We need to settle down on the same Month/date/year or year/month/date format because I'm having problems understanding the date tags lol


There're too many different time formats out there...
*Always gets confused, 'cause here it's*
Please don't mind me. Most of the time I don't make much sense... and mostly I don't even try to.


I'm too used to day/mm/year, even though I've mostly used year/mm/day around here.


I've honestly never used dd/mm/yy

I usually use Spelloutmonth/dd/yyyy or yyyy/spelloutmonth/dd

I won't force any standard here, but perhaps you could use Feb instead of 02? So it's something like 06/Feb?


Update: -Feb/19/'11

>Love Plus- 549/900 scripts translated (61.00%), 2nd partial patch out
It's coooooming!!


It looks like the first patch caught the other translators' interest.


True, the more translators the better!

Love plus, 26 translators + 1 + x and counting!


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Is it bad when I'm always on the new VNTL Status threads, but I keep forgetting about updating the link?



New link pls. Many thanks.
How do you guys find it anyways?