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Visual Novel translation status (updated on October 20th 2013)

Started by Mana, November 09, 2010, 10:57:11 PM

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For the people that don't lurk /jp/: every week, there is a kind Anon who goes to the trouble of checking the status of dozens of translation projects and posts a new thread reporting which projects are still active and, of those, which ones had any kind of progress.

From now on, I'll use this topic to post the link to the most recent thread.

If you have any questions, feel free to join the discussion on /jp/.

Most recent thread:

There is also a VNTL Status Tracker for the people who find it too hard to lurk on 4chan.



Maybe you should copy/paste the OP as well as linking it instead  :P

Still, thanks for this since I don't visit 4chan.


I'll only copy it if it dies. People know how to click links.


I am in awe. Thanks for taking the time for this Mana. I really should save up/invest in a laptop or something with a huge harddrive just for playing V/Ns. Anyone know if VNs would work on a touchscreen? I want to get a Tablet/convertible laptop just for V/Ns.


oh so the list is finally here
was thinking of making this topic here before but was too lazy <_<

anyways good job Mana-chan


just noticed MG have a longer list than JAST


uguuuuuh, Prison Battleship 2! Lilith3! Baldr Sky! Bible Black Infection! G-Senjou!

Jeez, can't wait.

Thanks Mana.


Woah.  Speechless.  Fills me with anticipation.


the ones im most looking forward to [at least the ones where sample patches have been released] are 'to heart 2' and 'girlfriend is the president'




indeed the whole reason why TH2 is full of win  ;D


That's what I'm also looking forward to, on ToHeart 2.


pity the guy can't seem to get help to speed things up :-\