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Started by Kureha, September 01, 2010, 02:07:31 PM

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Except Nukige is a clearly defined term, as are VNs and KNs. Yaoi/Yuri are also clearly defined term.


as long as the tags are clearly defined, i dont see any problem with tagging the releases


Besides being clearly defined terms, there is only a certain amount of space for topic titles, and there are already more tags than titles, in most cases. If you want to be so specific in terms of tagging, I present to you VNDB. If people really need to know in what specific genre a game/VN/whatever is included, they should use it more often instead of trying to imitate it. It's there for a reason. And in the case that it doesn't have a certain game, you're welcome to add it.


I think we can benefit from having default for each tag type. When it is the default, no need to tag. That should save some title space.

1. English (default, no need to tag)
2. [Partial Eng] Partially in English (not fully translated)
3. [日本語] Japanese Raw

Adult/All ages:
1. Adult (default, no need to tag)
2. [All ages] no H-content

Game Mechanics:
1. standard visual novel with multiple choices (default, no need to tag)
2. [KN] VN with no choices like Planetarian
3. [RPG] Role Playing Game
4. [Sim] Simulation Game (with stats) like dating sim, raising sim, training sim, etc

1. Complete game (default, no need to tag)
2. [Incomplete] Game not complete

Contents(can have more than one, no default):
1. [Yuri]
2. [Yaoi]
3. [Scat]
4. [Guro]
5. [Nukige]
Actually, I don't think we need Contents as tags.


guess that works too, the yaoi and yuri was mainly to warn some people who are offended/don't want to see


The defaults sound nice.

Actually rather than content I'd rather people put the producers in the title. Mostly you can tell what kind of content, style, quality etc it would be just from that.

Welp, not that it matters, since as Mana said, vndb is there for a reason. Why not just put like a FAQ up or something. >go here for more information on the games. Or just ask people who are uploading if they can be bothered putting up a vndb link with the game.


The defaults are useful to get rid of the clutter with all those tags. Other than that "[H-Game][RPG][Rape][Loli][Yuri][Guro][etc.][English] Sengoku Rance" or VNDB on the OP? It's a tough choice.


The defaults sounds really nice.

Although I also agree that there could be the link to vndb...
I see it as a more 'if you wanna post a link to vndb, go ahead. If not, no problem'...

The 'basic requirements' that's here in Kureha One, from what I know are Pics, Tags, Summary and dl/torrent links.

Pics, Tags, & Summary can easily be found AND TAKEN from vndb... Chances are that most summaries of the game are taken from VNDB or the original website... (Even vndb takes from the website too sometimes)
Im not saying everyone does that, i know for certain that Zyi summarize his h-manga uploads by himself...

So linking to VNDB, when the page here is pretty much similar to the one in vndb... is nothing major.

However, I've got a small question...

If the default of Adult games are 'default no tags'... Then ALL Ages are tagged...
Shouldnt the 'All Ages' games be under 'All Ages Sharing' in this forum?... That way all ALL AGES games are considered 'default' in the ALL AGES section... And Adult is default in ADULT... We get rid of even more tags...
..... Although from some people's point of view... the 'All Ages' version of Kira*Kira is still considered.. 'non-all-ages'... So i guess that is also a problem.

This Sharing - 分享 18+ section is becoming a 'Sharing - Visual Novel' section in general... XDDDD



If I remember right, Kureha once said ages ago that the all-ages section is pretty much dead and we should post all-ages visual novels in the adult section too.



This Sharing - 分享 18+ section is becoming a 'Sharing - Visual Novel' section in general... XDDDD

Welcome to 2009!

Pics, Tags, & Summary can easily be found AND TAKEN from vndb... Chances are that most summaries of the game are taken from VNDB or the original website... (Even vndb takes from the website too sometimes)

That's a lot better than no summaries at all, because that's what you would get from me. And I even bother to copy-paste those summaries, because people are too lazy to follow links that are posted in bold and red. The proof of that are all the questions that are answered in readmes, VNDB or the translation project's sites, but that's not the reason to completely copy-paste all the information contained on those sources into the topic's original post.


[H-VN] Visual Novel with H-content
[VN] Visual Novel with no H-content
Visual Novel with H-content and with no H-content don't be an correct terms,Visual Novel Eroge and without Eroge is the corrects as well,and in addiction Visual Novel Nukige is VNs who focuses more in Eroge than history u.u


Visual Novels with or without Erotic Games? You sure try hard to not make any sense.


You could see VNs as games, making a "Visual Novel Eroge" somethink like an "Erotic Visual Novel Game"
Sounds kind of weird though
But then it would be like a "Visual Novel Game" with or without the "Erotic", thus making it more like "VNG" or "EVNG"...

Of course, nobody would ever understand such tags.
Please don't mind me. Most of the time I don't make much sense... and mostly I don't even try to.


Especially, because no one categorizes them that way.


Well, the All ages section seems to be working, if the Raw section can stabilize itself, I think we could start making the English and maybe a few of the H tags obsolete?