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List of visual novels / eroge

Started by Sakuraden, February 17, 2010, 04:51:27 AM

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For now, I'm uploading what little I have to MediaFire, since my Swan Song links seem to have stayed alive well. Jumbofiles seems like a good alternative, but I don't know how long files would last there. In any case, I should have all parts of Crescendo, DearDrops, True Love 95, Umineko, and Catgirl Alliance up tomorrow. I'll up Ever17, Fate/Stay Night, Yume Miru Kusuri, and Kana ~ Little Sister later.

Should I just shamelessly bump the threads with new links?


If you give us working mirrors, why not. Go for it.


You can strike JastUSA Memorial Collection from the bad list. New links and working torrent now.
Also found working links for I'm Gonna Nurse You - Voice Plus!
All were added to the first posts.


Hello guys.
Can you recommend me some visual novels similar to Discipline or The Sagara Family?I got onto this list but I'm not sure where to look for.I would like to play a game with a good story and to make romances between schoolgirls.
Any ideas which series might be interesting for me?

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