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[H-VN] Giniro (Silver)

Started by davidlu9837, January 27, 2010, 11:53:51 AM

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[H-game] [English] Giniro (Silver) by NekoNeko

Giniro (Silver) was produced by NekoNeko and some of you may be missing this game so I have uploaded to hotfile.   NekoNeko is one of the few Japanese companies to produce an english version of its own game.  Keep in mind that this is an older game (2001) and the graphics are somewhat old school.
Original JA version:

Giniro is a beautifully crafted fantasy tale comprised of four chapters. It is a bittersweet story of the legendary Silver Thread which is fabled to grant any wish to its holder...

Walkthrough and menu translation here:

WARNING:  There are a considerable number of spelling and grammar mistakes, so if that bothers you a great deal then best not to play this game.  However, IMO this story is still very good and fully understandable despite these mistakes.



Bonus CD:

Sorry but the end of January new releases flood is about to start so I don't have the bandwidth to spare to host a torrent for this game.

Have some fun,

/jp/'s links posted by Perversor:


i hope someone host a torrent for this game soon coz it's the only way for me to download


==========Giniro Kanzenhan===========
---(2 parts, 1.36 GB, MegaUpload)----

Found this. It's apparently a dvd version.

"The release includes an option to switch most of the in-game text to English (the menu and some parts of the game remain Japanese though)."



Thanks for uping it. But I'll wait for a torrent.


Thanks for uping it. But I'll wait for a torrent.

Agreed... Its not that i dont appreciate this.. I do.. But.. Yeah.. DDL sites hate me, something about a 'shared proxy'... Hey its not my fault! Damn internet company.. >_>

Mediafire is fine tho... So yeah... Thumbs up to mediafire.. and Zshare.. if any of u guys know how to upload there. >_<