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[H-Game] The Maid's Story

Started by BJMC, December 19, 2009, 01:31:16 AM

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Quick summary:
A raising simulation in which you have to train three maids in household duties during the day, and how to pleasure at night.

This is quite an old game so you need to change the compatability mode to win98/me to get it running, other than that there should be no problems.
The download comes with a trainer which can be used to modify the individual maids' attributes but it does have some bugs in it so it isn't perfect. view the readme for more info.

Link by Angelus:

Link by PrinJess:



Mirror MU   ;D



Mirror MU   ;D


How bout mediafire dude? >_>

Like i said... Somehow megaupload/rapidshare/sendspace HATES HATES HATES my ip address...
Maybe its becuase that its just my luck to have a default shared ISP. Or something like that. >_<




How do you save? Every time I click save or open it crashes...

BTW thanks for the mirror... ;D



is it just me or the illustration really is familiar...
can't recall what though -_-
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