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[H-Game][Partial Eng] Yushukara wa Nigerarenai!

Started by Kureha, October 08, 2009, 08:25:46 PM

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Introducing the [Partial English] and [Illusion] tag. - Both the botu and the game disks. - Just the botu.

Full game alternative download source;

English UI and launcher with uncensor;
HF patch 0.2.
It includes;
* English Launcher 1.0A by TheShadow
* Partial Interface Translation by xeroje
* Uncensor 0.1 by profundis
* 110% Save by Suriko



Looks pretty good, hopefully ill have a chance to play it soon.
Thats the main thread for the game, it has links to the game downloads, fixes, patchs, mods, etc.
thats the mod thread, its where most of the mods go up first before they get posted on the main thread, for example their currently working on some ingame subs that are about 30-35% complete, and ATM is only posted in the mod thread.