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[H-VN] Sayonara, Utsutsu. <さよなら、うつつ。> [~Kane de Kaeru Teido no Happy Dead End Ed

Started by lsssk11331, March 14, 2018, 09:11:26 PM

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Game Information:
Title: Sayonara, Utsutsu.
Original title: さよなら、うつつ。
Length: Short (2 - 10 hours)
Developer: Hitsuji Ojisan Club
Publishers: (Japanese) Hitsuji Ojisan Club

More Information:

Download Link (Mega + Other):
Sayonara, Utsutsu. <さよなら、うつつ。> [~Kane de Kaeru Teido no Happy Dead End Edition~ <~金で買える程度のハッピーデッドエンド追加版~>] (235.62 MB)

As of 2018-09-06, lsssk11331 is officially signing off..... Thanks for the support guys. じゃあね


The download link doesn't work anymore. Any chance you could reupload this? It's impossible to get anywhere else.