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[EN] [PDF] Wiedergeburt: Legend of the Reincarnated Warrior

Started by leboh63617, January 26, 2024, 02:18:52 PM

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Is there a board on this website where we can request Non-JP/non-Anime/Non-Manga/Non-Light Novel stuff?

This is a Western Harem Novel that is very similarly written like Light Novels. This one's lewd too, explicit sex scenes included.

This is the Amazon link to the entire catalog.

Ted Crilly

Is there a board on this website where we can request Non-JP/non-Anime/Non-Manga/Non-Light Novel stuff?@ leboh63617 - I think this is the correct place to post non-anime, manga, light novel, web novel requests.

Although the chances of anyone filling your request might be limited because the vast majority of the novels shared on this site are web novels, and ones that have been fan translated from Japanese/Korean/Chinese, and posted on the translator's website. Meaning the translations can be freely sourced from those sites, or from aggregator sites, and compiled into a pdf or epub for sharing. And the non web novels on here are almost entirely light novels, which can usually be sourced from a popular anime torrent site, or someone choosing to simply buy it and share it.

And pretty much everything you pirate from the net has one thing in common, which it that it all starts with the same first step. Which is someone, somewhere, buying 'whatever is it', and sharing it somewhere on the net. And obviously the less popular 'whatever it is' is, the less chances there are of that happening.

So while I don't see any reason why you can't make a request for western (harem) novels in this forum, the chances of your request being filled will be directly proportional to the popularity of the novel you're requesting. And if it isn't popular, then chances are that there isn't anywhere on the net to pirate it from because the first step simply hasn't occurred, and may not ever occur.



Maybe someone would have an interest if they would want to upload a copy of theirs, as well as them hoping they know that this forum exists.

Anyway, this novel itself is inspired by so many things in Anime, Light Novels, etc. in general. I'm not familiar with Chinese WNs myself but the readers of this series often mentions using the typical Chinese novel tropes/traits in terms of the magic system in here. As a reader of this novel myself, those concepts easily flew through my head and what stick on me was the Japanese traits that I often find whilst reading LNs from a long time now.

Even better, because there's an actual harem happening in here as well as, actual explicit sex scenes.

Just putting this here so people reading could get interested. At time of writing this, the series itself is still not done and Volume 18 just released some weeks ago.


I could probably get like the first 10 volumes of this thing, but no guarantees. I'll reply back when I get something but don't bet on it.


Update: you can get most of the volumes from Anna's archive here: I believe its only up to volume 16 though. Anna's archive could also be used for other English books that aren't covered by this forum if you're looking for western novels. Like Ted said, the forum is mostly an aggregator for eastern novels, but other places should have what you need if you can't find it here.

It shouldn't have to be said however that you should always take precautions when downloading from anywhere. Just run it through VirusTotal whenever you download a file.