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[K1]あい☆きゃん (I Can) Ep 2 V2[DVDRIP][720x480][x264_ac3][E5A02BB2].mkv

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I-I'm not a M! I just couldn't let people down, I mean I subbed the first ep out of mistake, but Khilandros sent a polite PM asking me if I would sub it. those puppy dog eyes! lol *joking*

There doesn't seem to be any happy things like KanojoxKanojoxKanojo recently.

It's always rape rape rape, NTR NTR NTR. Sigh....

I figured PMing was worth a shot and being polite always helps (just one of those things I do what I can with). Thank you so much for subbing this, really appreciate it. Keep up the great work!

lol...yeah, not much happy stuff these days, but I guess we have to make do with whatever the studios throw at us. A little NTR doesn't hurt here and there, but one does need something else from time to time. This series wasn't too bad, even if the main guy was dumb,etc...ah well, lol.

yeah I want more happy H! ;_;

But Kureha's a cutie M Tsundere... Who gets weak in the knees after afew puppy dog eyes...

Despite what Kureha says... There's still no proof of an H-Anime 'happy' episode subbed by Kureha One.. XDDDD

So yeah...
.. Ahh..

Hai~ Hai~
Kureha-sama M janaiiiii~~... Gomen Gomen... *bows down scratches hair smiles akwardly*

Heeee XDDD

Well, there's alot of better quality subbers that sub the happy ones. Happy ones tend to have lower quality art, and character designs.

There doesn't seem to be any happy things like KanojoxKanojoxKanojo recently.

Oh man, I just watched that today. I can't believe I was missing out on that. Even though they were so vanilla the scenes with Akina were still some of the hottest things I've seen in a while D:


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