Author Topic: [Raw] A School Where Cumming Into Curvy JKs Is Always OK (MCV) DMM Version  (Read 2425 times)

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Survive's latest adaptation is the hit harem CG collection by circle Xemons!
Rich dense sex-filled lives of muchi-muchi schoolgirls, right here!

7 characters, fully voiced, in a luxurious motion comic revival worthy of praise.

CVs: Maika Hara, Kuruta Suzuki, Sakurai Ichinose, Moeru Hoshi, Nagi Yuzu,
Kanna Natsuki, Ayano Yotsuba

Original creator: Xenoms

Game Information:
Japanese Title: ムチムチJKといつでも中出しして孕ませOKの学校(モーションコミック版)
Circle: survive
Release: Apr/01/2016
Categories: Doujin Software, Animation


Download Link (1.73 GB):

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